Good day St. Paul's,

As we had a few issues with the technology for March 22, we have decided to switch to a Live Stream on Youtube going forward. 

To access the Live Stream, please visit our our Youtube Channel on Sunday morning (found HERE). Go to the videos tab about 5 minutes before the service starts and there should be a live broadcast that will start a few minutes before 10:00AM on Sunday. Click on that and worship with us!! 

If you are not able to join us for the Live Stream, the video of the service will save on our Youtube channel once we end the stream. So, you can view it anytime after 10:00AM as well!

This is the first Live Stream for both Myron and I so please bear with us if there are technology issues. We did a short test on Thursday morning and things were working but you never know what can happen when technology is in the mix.


RJ Chambers
Office Administrator, St. Paul's Anglican Church - Edmonton