Good day St. Paul's,

We are open again for in-person worship services!! We recognize that many of you may be unable to return or not yet ready to return so services will continue to be live streamed and available on our YouTube Channel. To access the live stream, please visit the church website and click on sermons. The bulletin for this Sunday is attached here and will be available on the Sermon page of the website Sunday morning. Printed bulletins will be available to those attending in person. 

If you plan to attend in person: We have a number of regulations that must be followed while onsite. Part of caring for each other is keeping each other healthy and keeping risk low. If you plan to attend in person, please read the following list and ensure you are able to follow these guidelines.

  • Experiencing Cough, Fever, or Other Symptom/s? Do not come to the church. Stay home for fourteen days following the end of your symptoms.
  • Maintain Physical Distance. At all times at St. Paul's, please remain a minimum of six feet (three marked seat spaces) from all other individuals not part of your family unit. You will find tape on the floor six feet apart in multiple locations to help you maintain this distance. Please also maintain physical distance outside.
  • Listen to the Ushers. There will be ushers inside and outside to help direct these new procedures. Please heed their direction as they are trying to keep everyone safe and healthy.
  • Sign-In Upon Arrival. Please sign-in with the designated usher when you arrive onsite. This will help us track who is in attendance just in case we do have to notify the parish if someone tests Covid positive following a service.
  • Sanitize Hands Frequently. Please sanitize your hands upon entry and before taking communion. You may also sanitize as often as you would like during the service. Please also try to refrain from touching surfaces and your face.
  • Consider Wearing a Mask. Though we are not requiring parishioners to wear a mask, we do encourage you to wear a mask while onsite. If you do not have a mask, we have masks available in the foyer.
  • Refrain from Singing in Church. At this time, congregational singing is not allowed by the government of Alberta. Please listen to the lyrics being sung by the leader/s and meditate upon them. You may also hum along to the music as long as your mouth remains closed while onsite.
  • Recycle Bulletins. Please do not leave bulletins in the pews. A recycle bin is available at the exit door. 
  • Use of Washroom. The only washroom available at this time is located at the back of the Sanctuary (just North of the Main Entry doors). Please wipe down all surfaces (including toilet and handle, counter, and faucet) following use.
  • Parts of Building Closed. At this time, the only accessible parts of the building are the Sanctuary, Sanctuary washroom, and alley foyer. All other rooms are closed for use including the main washrooms, hall, basement, and chapel. Please do not access any closed section of the building without permission.

As always, please read on for new announcements as well as reminders of previous announcements.

New Items

Rev. Myron Away - July 13-27, 2020 
Rev. Myron will be away from July 13-27. Please note that the office will only be open Tuesday and Thursday mornings while he is away.

Repeated Items (from Previous Email Notices)    

St. Paul's Office Hours
Since we are now re-open for Sunday services, we will be shifting back to regular office hours. These are Monday-Thursday from 9:30AM-Noon. RJ will be in office on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. If coming on a Monday or Wednesday, please check in with Myron beforehand to ensure he is onsite.

St. Paul's Projection Ministry
We should have enough people to create a rotation for this ministry area but if you want to serve in this way, it is not too late to let the office know.

Other Announcements
Please read some of the previous News posts for information about other ongoing initiatives.