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Update: Thank you to everyone who have registered their youth for the retreat! If you have not already, please register for the retreat by the 17th and let me know so I can move forward with transportation plans. The $3000 grant we received from the Anglican Foundation of Canada (AFC) will so far cover all retreat costs of those attending. They could also cover some transportation, but I need to know how many we have registered before I'm able to do a final tally and determine how much is left. We will be doing some avid fundraising in the next few weeks regardless to help with these transportation costs!

The method of transportation is still to be determined. Sorrento has offered to look at the possibility of getting a bus for youth from Edmonton and Calgary. We may however, end up having to get a bus of our own. I'll let you all know as soon as possible. A question I have for parents is if there are any of you who would be able to drive a bus/van should we absolutely need? Here is some information about the kind of bus/van we would likely use from the Alberta government in case any of you are interested:


Registration forms for the Young Sojourners Youth Retreat are now up! I've attached the registration documents to this email along with more information about the retreat from the organizers about registration, schedule, and transportation. We are still trying to see if we can arrange a bus to take youth from Alberta to the retreat. Please feel free to share the retreat information with anyone you think would be interested! The more we have, the more a bus will be possible. Bursaries are available for those who might be interested but are hindered by the cost. The registration cost for our youth will be covered by the grant we received. 

If you have not already, please let me know if your youth are coming to the retreat. I would like to have firm numbers from our youth as soon as possible. 


Part of our goal for this year has been to have a retreat of some kind for our youth. Retreats are awesome ways to build community, grow individually, and make lasting memories. Doing such a retreat of course has not been possible last year due to Covid. Another hindrance for us to go on retreat were the logistics of making one possible. In December, however, the youth group was awarded funds from the Anglican Foundation of Canada (AFC) to be used for this purpose. We would like to use that money to fund the youth participating in the Young Sojourners Youth Retreat at the Sorento Centre over May-Long Weekend (May 20-23).

As the Alberta Youth Representative on the Board of Directors for the Sorrento Centre and a member of the Youth Programming Committee, Abbi was able to participate in coming up with the theme for the retreat, "Better Together." This theme will be focussing on rebuilding the connections of our youth that have been altered from the pandemic. While details of the event are still in their planning stages, Young Sojourners retreats in the past have served to be amazing opportunities for youth from many Anglican dioceses to connect and form connections that have led into lasting friendships. The Sorrento Centre is also an amazing facility that is part of the Anglican Church of Canada. 

At this point, I would appreciate people to fill out this Commitment Form, which will help me as we plan and coordinate the trip. Registration forms are yet to be released, but will be circulated as soon as they are available. 

Transportation options are currently being considered and we are looking into covering some of those costs. Our method of travel will be determined as soon as possible and likewise communicated.

The retreat planners are of course highly aware of the situation and risks posed by Covid-19, and so if the event ought not to go ahead this will be communicated as far in advance as possible, and alternative arrangements will be made. 

Commitment Form