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The Arthur Training School (ATTS) is a theological college in the Anglican Diocese of the Arctic. This school educates and prepares future ministers for service in the North and equips both lay and ordained people for Christian Service. Northern people are trained for northern ministries. ATTS is in Iqaluit, Nunavut.    

ATTS has several active youth ministries across the diocese. Although the far north is picturesque and unique, it also poses many challenges, especially for youth who are searching for a source of hope. As explained in the fall issue of Arctic News, suicides and addictions are rampant. Many teens become parents without the support they need to raise a child. The Arctic Diocese is praying for a youth revival and is in the process of hiring an Inuit Youth Coordinator – someone with a pastor’s heart, who knows the struggles of the youth and who is equipped to mentor young leaders to bring real change and wholeness through Christ.

Past Diocesan Youth Coordinator Deanna Fillion reflected on her passion while in service: “I went to various communities to teach, train, and encourage youth, youth leaders and youth committees to listen to Jesus and do what He says - and for them to help & encourage others to do the same. Taught them how to lead a Bible study, a youth ministry that suits them & their community, and general discipleship, leadership, and youth ministry training. I lead and planned youth conferences and youth camps (Teen Encounter Christ). I did a lot of ministering/pastoring to youth, youth leaders and Sunday school teachers, with a lot of suicide intervention and suicide prevention.”  

ATTS currently has a student named Nick Kigeak who they are hoping and praying will be able to transition into the position as Diocesan Youth Coordinator next year. God willing, his ministry will make a positive impact across the Diocese.  As a church community, let us join with ATTS and the Arctic Diocese in praying for God to raise up leaders for communities across the vast Arctic.

ATTS Director Bishop Joey Royal

Nick Kigeak
ATTS Student Nick Kigeak