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Mark your calendars! On September 30, 2022, the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, we are excited to host “Mapping the Ground We Stand On.” This is an interactive workshop created by the PWRDF. It explores Indigenous presence and Settler arrival on the map of Turtle Island/Canada at first contact. An informative video can be found HERE, and you can also visit their website for further description at

Videos about the exercise can be watched here:

The event will run at St. Paul’s on Friday, Sept. 30 beginning at 1:30pm. Free of charge.
Registration opens September 15, 2022 at the link below.
This even only has a maximum number of 30 attendees. Please include all attendees on your registration. 
If there is not enough space you may register for the waiting list.

Also included below is a warm-up exercise. Prior to attending the event, please complete it as much as you are able. This Warm-up will enrich your experience and help inform your participation in the event:

  1. Identify the traditional Indigenous territory you live in now. Who are the original, Indigenous inhabitants of the land where you are currently living? (Hint: Your municipality, parish, or local educational institution may have a Territorial Acknowledgement posted online to help you answer this question.)
  2. Identify any Indigenous land traeaties governing that territory, if applicable. To search communities and treateis, go to:
  3. Choose a side of your family as a representative of your ancestor's arrival (or your arrival if you are a first-generaltion immigrant) on northern Turtle Island (Canada) and identify the traditional territory where they first settled (if different from where you were born and/or now live).
  4. Learn which territory you were born in or have lived in, and their treaties (if different from the land where you are currently living).