Dear St. Paul's Community,
Once again we find ourselves in the position of closing for the in-person service this Sunday. We will continue to livestream the services, as per usual, however we will not be allowing in-person attendance this week only. We fully expect to be back in person on January 30th.
The reason for this decision is that this morning Rev. Myron found out that he and his family should isolate for 5 days according to government guidelines and for public safety. Myron stated that they are not especially concerned about any serious health issues since they are all triple vaccinated, but they must ride out the isolation and monitor themselves for symptoms. Nonetheless, we pray for their health and well-being during this time.
Rev. Myron and Jodi will still be facilitating the service this Sunday, as was planned, however it will be pre-recorded as a Morning Prayer service. Therefore, they will be adapting the bulletin that was sent out yesterday.
Since we are living through a pandemic, and have been for nearly 2 years, we know that this circumstance is not unprecedented, even though St. Paul's has not yet experienced this first hand. It is indeed frustrating to have our plans change so quickly and often. Thankfully, St. Paul's is a wonderfully connected and supportive community that has put systems in place to be able to continue to worship together even so. Thank you, especially, to John Green for all of his efforts in making that happen! While we would rather have avoided this circumstance altogether, we maintain our hope in God for everything from wisdom to our daily bread, and much more. These are given to each of us in Christ through the Holy Spirit.
Peace and Blessings,
Asher Hébert
Office Administrator
St. Paul's Anglican Church
10127 145 St NW
Edmonton, AB