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06May2020 - Wednesday's work:  Michelle and i got all the flowerbeds next to the west and south sides of the church cleaned up of leaves and old plant matter. The parish hall steps area and the south side of the small house still need doing.   No weeding has been done in the beds though to deal with the invasive plants, ie creeping bellflower and quackgrass. - Andrew

04May2020 Blog Started - It's Spring Clean Up time.  So what can we do since we are not able to do it together?  How about one bit at a time?  This Blog is available to those that love to garden and are helping out with the Church Grounds.  A central place to let us know what was done and what is left to do.  Give us an update here after you have done a bit or a bunch of gardening work.  Share ideas and make plans.  For access to publish to this blog let me know and I will get your publishing access set up and if you need it get you tutor'ed up to be able to Blog your updates.  Or if you just want to garden, you can let me make the update for you by sending me an email.  Welcome to the gardening team.