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Registration for the church retreat begins March 29, 2021. The brochure for our retreat will be sent out next week. Michelle has received great feedback about things to consider and a big emphasis has been made clear – help us get together! We are working hard to create a retreat that helps you breathe deep and connect with others. Our retreat theme centers around the first line of our statement of identity: “We love to be together, persevere, and practice the ways of Jesus.”

Michelle needs your help! She is looking for your participation in creating reflective stations for Holy Saturday. This day of the liturgical calendar offers a unique opportunity to engage our doubts, lost faith, and grief. It gives space to consider whether or not God is active in the times when, to our eyes and hearts, it seems that God is not and we doubt everything. If you are able to help and would like to engage with Easter in a different way, please contact Michelle. A letter outlining what these stations could look like is attached.

One of our parishioners, Margaret Ushko, has created a sweet Easter Crafter Kit for $8 each (picture attached hereof the finished kit). Orders can be placed through Michelle until March 26.