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Covid-19 Support: Pathways to Resilience Session 2: Physical and Psychological Pre-requisites to Resilience  

I (Rosalie) hope that you were able to listen to the 1st session on creating resilience and are eager to hear more. There are a total of 5 webinars, each about 1 hour long. While they were recorded for occupational therapists, they have information for everyone. The goal of the presenter, Rachel Thibeault, is to give us tools we can use now to build our resilience during the pandemic.  

This 2nd session (linked above) begins with a reminder of what resilience is, because the definition matters! Rachel debunks some myths about resilience and reminds us that we all have potential to build our resilience. Challenges can “destabilize” me and throw me off. How I cope with the challenges will allow me to get back on track, and bounce back.  

There are several principles for our physical health and psychological wellbeing that are the focus of this session. She includes how faith can influence our resilience.