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18June2020 -

There once was a wedding in June,
Which covid demanded we zoom.
"No way!!" cried the bride,
"Let's have it OUTSIDE!"
We'll dance by the light of the moon!

- Carol R.

14June2020 -

The Christian church consists of love,

Such is the reason for the dove.

A church like St Pauls, Has the history of Paul.

To remind us of Christ, To tell us of Christ.

And the invite to share his love.

- David L.

11June2020 - 

There once were a people on earth

Who didn’t know each other’s worth

When along came a plague

They walked zigging or zag

And hoped for a hugging re-birth

- Margot

09June2020 - 

Pandemically pressured parishes 

persist with poise and permanence. 

As people are pained

with passions at play, 

the Prince of Peace prohibits pestilence 


- Asher


07June2020 - 


There once was a Vicar of St Paul's

Who found himself preaching to walls

He dismissed the gloom

By meeting on Zoom

So COVID can't stop him at all.

- Paul


our leaders have told us to adhere    

to rules now covid is here

but many of us show no fear

as we continue our lives to stear

in manners that show we do not care


so off to stores we go

to walk in ways that show

we have not learned to know

so our leaders try other means to go

to curve us into new ways we must grow.

- George


COVID has become such a specter

That everything seems like a vector.

When mom watered her iris,

She heard it whisper “virus”,

Like coming too close would infect her.  

- Wendell


 There once was a zoom made by John

He helped people get, and log on

Jodi, Asher, and team

Helped Myron live-stream

Our community kept growing on.

- Laura