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Money is a sensitive subject, one that we can hardly talk about with one another. It’s no wonder that many of us struggle to manage our cash flow, and experience guilt and shame around money concerns. Please join us Thursday, April 7 at 10 am to with host Linda Mak, a money counsellor and advocate from the non-profit agency Money Mentors, as she opens this topic with care, knowledge, humour and grace. Our meeting is on Zoom, and Linda will answer all your questions. This time is open to all, so please feel free to invite friends, family and acquaintances. To learn more about Money Mentors, please visit HERE.

April is National Poetry Month. Much of scripture is written as poetry, and gives voice to the emotional, mental and spiritual experiences of our lives. If you want to do something special for National Poetry Month and need some ideas, check out the League of Canadian Poets, or take some time to search at the library or online to learn more about poetry this month!

Spring is here, and there are many paths to walk in Edmonton. Looking for new paths? Visit Community Walking Maps and scroll down to check out the walks in your area.