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Creating Hope Society and St. Faith's: This program, runningThursday evenings now until March 31, is for community elders, seniors andknowledge keepers to connect and learn about the drum from a traditional andmulticultural view. Proof of vaccination is required to attend these in-personsessions. Contact Cynthia at for more information.

Lenten Art Exhibit: Drop into Starof the North during office hours (M-F, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm) for a self-guidedprayer walk through Kisemanito Pakitinasuwin - The Creator’s Sacrifice. Thispowerful set of 17 large prints by late Cree artist Ovide Bighetty depict thepassion of Jesus Christ and are arranged in a contemplative "stations ofthe cross" style.

Making Ribbon Skirts – collaborative project: On April 23, 2022, at All Saints AnglicanCathedral, there will be the opportunity to learn to make ribbon skirts. Allskirts made will be gifted from the group. More information to follow.Preregistration is required.