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The Anglican Council of Indigenous Peoples is a self-determining community within the Anglican Church of Canada. To learn more about this group and how we relate to one another, please visit

Arts on the Avenue present The Deep Freeze Festival from January 14-23, 2022. Venues include Borden Park, Pipon Village (118 Ave) and The Carrot (a great little coffee shop on 118 Avenue). Visit for more information.

Are you curious about how Edmonton is doing in helping citizens make ends meet? Edmonton Vital Signs is the publication of an annual check-up conducted by Edmonton Community Foundation, in partnership with Edmonton Social Planning Council, to measure how the community is doing. In 2021 they also focused on individual issues, Vital Topics, that are timely and important to Edmonton – specifically Making Ends Meet. Each of these topics appear in an issue of Legacy in Action throughout 2021, and are also presented here – the full issue of Vital Signs. Visit to read the whole article.