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Each week we will highlight some resources for you to check out.
Thank you to Dan Lowe for sharing these resources with us!
Poetry: The Gospel of Breaking by Jillian Christmas
Fiction: No Crystal Stair – Mairuth Sarsfield
Non-Fiction: The Hanging of Angelique: The Untold Story of Canadian Slavery
and the Burning of OldMontreal – Afua Cooper
Podcast: Seeing White – a 14-part podcast on the construction of White Identity
Film: We Are the Roots:Black Settlers and Their Experience of Discrimination on the Canadian Prairies

The Flying Canoe Volant Festival is on this week! From the website: Come celebrate your inner voyageur with light, music, legends and dance! In the spirit of a great winter city, the Flying Canoë Volant is a creative and interactive cultural celebration designed to engage local history and everything that is great about a long winter’s night. Inspired by the legend of The Flying Canoe and French Canadian, First Nations and Métis traditions, Flying Canoë Volant embraces Edmonton's beautiful Mill Creek Ravine and the newly-established French Quarter. Following the warm welcome of the Edmonton community, the celebration also organizes school programming and The Flying Canoë Volant Races to further spread the joy, spirit and education of the legend. NOTE: PREREGISTRATION IS REQUIRED 

Did you know that there is a brand new Velodrome being built in Coronation Park, by Telus World of Science? Take a look Here for an article from the Journal of Commerce for more details, or look on the City of Edmonton website Here. Preparation of the construction area is already underway. The current estimate for completion of the Velodrome is 2026.