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Interested in beautifying Grovenor or your community? Looking forward to the spring, it is worth checking out the initiatives in our city to make it beautiful. Whether you are curious about all the different gardens or the amazing murals that adorn many of our city’s public spaces (for example, google “Edmonton Mural images”), there are lots of ideas and many people to work with. Let’s connect where we have shared interests – gardening or murals, anyone?  

The traditional name for Edmonton is Amiskwaciy Waskahikan, which means “Beaver Hills House”. The City of Edmonton has many excellent Indigenous learning opportunities and experiences. Click HERE for a good list of year-round celebrations and festivities. One organization to highlight is The Canadian Native Friendship Centre, which has a two-fold mission: “Bettering the lives of the Indigenous community in cultural awareness since 1962.” Click to visit their website and access the events and programs they offer.