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With only 6 days left until the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation on Satuday, September 30, 2023, you still have time to choose a few activities from our “Every Child Matters” cards that were given out at this time last year. Please use the week ahead to learn more or participate in activities centered around First Nations, Inuit and Metis people. Some good ideas can be found at this link:

Thanksgiving weekend is two weeks away! There are several charities in Edmonton who host Thanksgiving dinner for the people they serve, such as the Bissell Centre, Mustard See and Hope Mission. These organizations have all reported increased requests for assistance in 2023. Please help support their Thanksgiving meals as well as the ongoing service these organizations provide. Take at look at them online at, and

There are several organizations across Canada that give a unifying voice to the great diversity of Indigenous people. One of these is the Assembly of First Nations, a national organization representing the more than 900,000 First Nations people living in more than 600 First Nation communities in cities and towns across Canada. Their website includes things such as the Charter of the Assembly of First Nations, the Declaration of First Nations, a list of Provincial/Territiorial Organizations and much, much more. You can familiarize yourself with some of the issues they identify as most pressing. Please visit