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Indigenous learning opportunities: There are many excellent entry points for learning more about Indigenous history, and the Indigenous Peoples Experience is an exceptional one. From their website: “The Indigenous Peoples Experience at Fort Edmonton Park is an immersive and comprehensive exhibit. The exhibit explores the rich and beautiful cultures of First Nations and Métis Peoples while encouraging visitors to seek out the truths as lived by Indigenous Peoples before and after Canada became a country.” They are open Saturdays and Sundays from noon-4pm now until December 19.  Tickets can be purchased at

Dispelling Common Myths - #2 & #3 Please see the bulletin board at the side entrance for myths 2 and 3 that are identified in Bob Joseph’s ebook “Dispelling Common Myths about Indigenous Peoples.” Myth #2: “Indigenous Peoples already have ample reserves and lands.” Myth #3: “Indigenous Peoples can do whatever they want with their reserve lands and resources.” The realities to both of these myths are complex, so please see bulletin board at the side door or visit You can also ask Michelle for a copy of the ebook.