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 A common question that comes up as we learn more of Indigenous history is “How could the church have played such a massive role in the efforts to erase Indigenous peoples and culture?” One aspect of this is traced back to the Doctrine of Discovery which was established in 1493 by the church. For a helpful 12-part lesson and study guide from the Anglican Church of Canada about this doctrine and its effect on us today, please visit

Please see the bulletin board at the side entrance for myths 4 and 5 that are identified in Bob Joseph’s ebook “Dispelling Common Myths about Indigenous Peoples.
Myth #6: “Indigenous Peoples get free postsecondary education.” REALITY: Only status Indians are eligible to receive funding for post-secondary education through Indigenous Services Canada funding - non status Indians, Inuit and Métis are not eligible for this funding. Eligibility is just one criteria. The student has to apply to the band office of their home community. The number of applications for funding frequently exceeds the available.
Myth #7: “Residential Schools are ancient history.” In reality the last school closed in 1996 which is 166 years after the first school, the Mohawk Indian Residential School, opened in 1830. For more information and resources, please see the bulletin board at the side door, or visit Indigenous Corporate Training Inc. at or the Indigenous Relations Academy at You can also speak with Michelle Schurek to request a digital copy.

Annual Gingerbread Night on Nov 26, 2021 – This is set up as a hybrid event! Current restrictions allow us to run this in person for those who are vaccinated, we will also provide a ZOOM link for the evening if you prefer to stay home. Cost is $15 per kit (single house or small village plus extras) and can be picked up or delivered Nov 21-24. Sign up is now open with Michelle. If you would like to help with purchasing supplies, please let Michelle know ASAP!