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Happy Father’s Day! We want to acknowledge all the men in our parish and circle who contribute so greatly to the lives of younger people around them, whether that is your own children, other kids in your family, young friends or another connection. The ways in which you care for these children are valuable and important, and they last beyond childhood. Fathers and father-figures play a critical role in the growth and engagement of our young people. Thank you for all you do!

June is National Pride Month. There are many events around Edmonton this month that you can be a part of. Visit for more info.

National Indigenous Peoples Day is on Friday, June 21, 2024. It is a day set aside to celebrate and reflect on the many contributions and cultures of First Nations, Inuit and Metis people across Canada.  For a list of Indigenous events and celebrations in Edmonton this month, please visit Do not miss the chance to see the vibrancy, diversity and deep gifting of Indigenous Peoples around Edmonton.

Please help yourself to one of the Indigenous Learning Activities cards from our greeters today. Looking forward to September 30, 2024, our next Truth and Reconciliation Day, there are several activities you can engage in for the next 96 days. Some of these ideas include learning why land acknowledgements are important, attending a cultural event on National Indigenous People Day this coming Friday, or volunteering with an indigenous non-profit.