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Thank you to everyone who came out to the Year End Picnic and made our wrap-up a success. Many people sent in their regrets at not being able to join, either from travel or it just being TOO DARN HOT! Whether you were there in person or in spirit, everyone made it a great time! Mark your calendars for September 12 as our official fall kick off!

If you are in town July 21 or August 18, please join us for Popsicles on the Patio. We have invited our Grovenor neighbors to stop by for a free popsicle and visit.

Send a THANK YOU… over the past few weeks, I have heard over and over how exhausted we all are from the past year (and more) of not knowing what is coming next. One thing I notice repeatedly is that if I ask “Who has helped you during this time?”, people can come up with one or two others (often more) who really made a difference. Please take the time to say thank you in some way! A phone call, a letter, an email, a text… any of these make a HUGE difference to the person receiving it. Thank you’s are rare right now and YOU can make a difference by sending one. The side bonus to sending a thank you is that it makes you feel better too!

New REACH Fund Grant – we are excited to introduce this new internal grant, available to St Paul’s parishioners who volunteer their time and energy to charities in Edmonton. Qualifying applicants will help Michelle share details about their charity with the congregation, through a method of their choosing. Grant applications are open now! For more information about the grant and to apply, please go HERE. You can also contact Michelle directly.