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Interested in being part of a book study or small group in the New Year? If you have a particular book or author you would like to share with others, or you are looking for a small group to be involved with for support in learning, fellowship and prayer, let Michelle know by phone or email 780-222-4431 or

Grovenor Elementary School Hampers – This year we are preparing 8 Christmas Hampers for families at the school so they can enjoy Christmas dinner together. Thank you to St Paul’s for the generosity you have shown to provide the means to put these hampers together. If you’d like to help assemble these packages on Mon, Dec 19 please contact Michelle at 780-222-4431.

Stony Plain Road hosts a wonderful array of businesses that are interested in serving you. As you are doing Christmas shopping this season, please think about shopping local! There are many small businesses such as Ben’s Meats, Blue Jar Antique Mall, and Yans Flowers, to name a few. These businesses feel the effects of the LRT construction and will appreciate your support! Visit the Business Association Website at for a full list of stores.