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Our next Game Board Cafe (aka Games Night) is coming up on May 5, 2023 from 6:30-8:30pm. If you enjoy board games, puzzle building, crafting, etc, please join in!

What is Young Life? You may have noticed that a Young Life office is located next door to St Paul’s Church. Young Life is an organization of mentors who take time to be present in high schools in our city, developing relationships with teens and introducing them to the Christian faith. If you are curious to learn more, please visit

We want to say THANK YOU to everyone who helps at St Paul’s! There are many places people share their time and talents within our parish – music teams, coffee time, sound system, building and ground, care and concern, and so much more. It is wonderful to be part of this sharing community, and it really does take each of us doing our part, big or small, to operate the church and Sunday services. We simply wouldn’t be able to function the way we do without you!