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When you come to St.Paul's on Sunday there is always Coffee and Cookies available in the hall afterwards.  An "ancient" tradition passed down by genertions before us.  What is the value in this tradition?  When I have coffee with my firends and it is not at church I might be hesitant to discuss the sermons, the scriptural support for the discussion.  The real world that we have to survive in is not Christ's world and so having coffee together with those from the unified belief in Christ puts you at ease to not have to hide what you believe.  Go ahead seek good counsel amongst brothers and sisters in Christ that you might have never suspected that could be supportive to you in your faith and your situation at any time.   Go ahead try me out....  I am available when you need me.   John E Green roving brother and rougue vestry member.  Let's talk about anything and bring each other the truth of Christ on the Cross.  What it really means in the lives we live.  Serious Stuff......... or Not after all its just coffee time