Many of you may find it helpful to receive some explanation of what confirmation is and who should get confirmed. In the Anglican Church there are three formal ways of affirming our faith - confirmation, reception and reaffirmation.



Those who have been baptized as infants or small children often reach an age when they wish to take ownership of the promises made on their behalf by their parents. An affirmation of faith, as well as a deepened expression of obedience to Jesus in all matters of life and the promise to serve Him, takes place in the presence of a bishop and is called confirmation. At confirmation the bishop will lay hands on the candidate and offer a brief prayer for the Holy Spirit to support the candidate in his/her promises to serve.



Some people who were baptized and possibly confirmed in another Christian tradition may wish to be formally recognized as a member of the Anglican denomination. These people are welcomed into the Anglican Church by the bishop through the rite of reception. This rite includes an affirmation of Christian faith and an expression of willingness to live within Anglican life and order, the laying on of hands with prayer for perseverance in the faith and welcome into the fellowship both by the bishop and the congregation. This rite does not suggest that the person’s previous Christian life was not meaningful or sufficient. Rather, it serves to acknowledge formally the move from one Christian family to another.

In a more informal way, the Anglican Church considers anyone to be a member of its denomination if the person is baptized and has been worshipping regularly in an Anglican parish for more than 3 months.



Reaffirmation is a rite available for those who have been baptized and confirmed or received but who, for a variety of reasons, wish to reaffirm their baptismal vows. For some people, this desire may come because of a long separation from the church. Others may want to reaffirm their vows to celebrate a time of significant spiritual renewal in their lives.


If you have further questions and/or wish to be confirmed, received or reaffirmed, please contact the church office.

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