Focus on Missions

Focus on Missions

... is a committee of St. Paul’s Anglican Church assisting  vestry and corporation to oversee the mission budget and related mission activites of the church. These activities include long and short term missionaries and mission projects approved and supported by the congregation of St. Paul’s Anglican Church.

Our  Focus on Mission Team  provides and directs:

  • Prayer support
  • Interviews & training individuals for missions & short term mission funds
  • Proposes Mission budget
  • Provides opportunities & connectedness with the congregation & wider church community through its programs:
    • Missionary-Of-The-Month
  • Seeks vestry approval for Mission Focus Funding, tracking, & agreements for international projects


Historical Projects

2007 - 2010 Brazil - Homes for the Helpless: Givemeaning Foundation ; Homes for the Helpless Project Summary

Bibles for Rwanda

Rwanda Housing

2008 - Present - Micro-Business in the Diocese of Cyangugu

Maji Mazuri Center - Kenya


Current Projects:


Long Term Missionaries Supported:

We support missionaries overseas in sensitive locations.

We support missionaries within Canada reaching out to local immigrant minorities.


Power to Change-Athletes in Action 


Is a community of Christian athletes at the University of Alberta who have a desire to reach their athletic teams on campus with the love and joy of Christ Jesus.  They meet weekly on campus to study God’s word and discover practical ways that their faith can have an impact on their sports, studies and entire life.


Trevor Froehlich (National Director) and his family is one of the missionaries that St. Paul’s helps support.



 Northern Gateway Community Chaplaincy


Northern Gateway Community Chaplaincy, The Pas, Manitoba , is an outreach of Threshold Ministries (formerly Church Army).  Northern Gateway works to help people, often living on the street, to make healthier choice in life, and carrying and supporting those not ready to make those choices yet, through a soup kitchen and bible studies.



Alpha Canada


Alpha Ministries Canada is committed to helping churches reach out to their communities using the Alpha course, a basic introduction to Christianity, developed by Nicky Gumbel in homes, parishes, campuses, prisons, military bases, in the work place, and many other settings.

John Kivell, Regional Director for Alberta is one of the missionaries St. Paul’s helps support.



Overseas Missionary Fellowship


Overseas Missionary Fellowship, founded in 1865 by Hudson Taylor as China Inland Mission, has shared and continues to do so, the good news of Jesus Christ in all its fullness with the people of East Asia.


Don and Sandi Howell, ministering in the National Office of OMF Canada,  are missionaries that St. Paul’s helps support



Palm Ministry Association


Palm Ministry Association, is an organization helping newcomers to adjust to life in Canada, with learning English, school studies, household goods, and translation services.


St. Paul's helps support a missionary couple and their family.


The Navigators (Canada)


The Navigators (Canada) is a movement of people across the world who follow the teaching of Jesus and help individuals find their true purpose and meaning in life.


St. Paul’s helps support a family serving in a sensitive country.



Short Term Missions:

2016- Rwanda Housing and Micro Business

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