Live an outward focused life



1. A kind act; favor


Acts of kindness are exactly what you’d think they are.

They are small things or large things done in the spirit of kindness. We value people as children of God and we show them kindness when we treat them with kindness. Giving someone a cold bottle of water on a hot day is a kind act. Bringing coffee and donuts to your local fire station is an act of kindness.


Here are a few more:
Soft Drink Giveaways (or water bottles)
Newspaper giveaway
Hot Chocolate giveaway
Stamp giveaway
Business Blast (candy or items to people at work)
Bug spray or sunscreen giveaway
Quarters at laundry mat
Light bulb giveaway
Time change batteries for smoke detectors
Doggie Treats at park
Balloons in parks/events
Donuts to local police, fire, or other workers
Police, Fire fighters appreciation dinners/snacks/care packages
Flower Seed give-a-way
Cold Care Kit give-a-way (tissue, cough drops, lip balm, etc.)
Golf balls, Golf Tees, Golf towel give-a-way at local range or course
Hand Towelettes give-a-way  at event
Sun Screen give-a-way at Pool/Park
Freezie Pops give-a-way at Pool//Park
Newspaper give-a-way
Quarters or Token give-a-way at Laundromat




1. An act of helpful activity; help; aid: to do someone a service.


Anytime you are expending energy helping someone, you’re serving them.

An act of service includes anything that you could think of that might help another person. If you were to clean your neighbors house, that would be an act of service. If you washed their car, watched their kids or mowed their lawn–those would all be acts of service.


Here are a few more:
Neighborhood trash pickup
Grocery Bag Packing
Grocery Cart Return
Umbrella walk (from parking lot)
Windshield Washing
Free Car Wash
Restroom cleaning
Single Mom Oil change/car repair
Blood Pressure Screening
Gift Wrapping
De-icing car windshields
Shoveling Snow
Raking Leaves
Picking up park, parking lot or neighborhood trash
Umbrella walks in the rain (parking lots)
Love Attack (Take your small group, or family to someone in need and tell them you’ll work for two hours – you’ll paint, clean, cook or do whatever they need around the house – this is a great one!)
Neighborhood food collection
Business window washing
Lawn mowing
Hedge trimming
Gutter cleaning
Address painting on curbs
Tulip bulbs and potted plants
Snow removal from driveway and walks
Single parent home repair
Shopping assistance for shut ins
Helping someone move


1.  Compassionate or kindly forbearance shown toward someone.

We show mercy to those around us when we visit and care for those that society has largely forgotten. Mercy and compassion go hand in hand. When you visit someone in a nursing home, that’s an act of mercy. If you were to take food or clothing to someone in need, that would be an act of mercy.

Here are a few more:
Carnation giveaway at Senior living
Neighborhood food collection
Single parent home repair
Shopping assistance for shut ins
Bag Hunger Grocery give-a-way
Bird Seed or Bird House to Nursing Home




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