St. Paul's COVID-19 Guidelines
St. Paul's currently has no mandatory restrictions in place for those attending services, as has been recommended from our Bishop. However, we continue to ask that you follow these guidelines while worshiping with us:
  • Respect Others’ Preferences. As a group, we wish to care for those around us. Please graciously respect the preferences of others who may choose to wear masks for various reasons.

  • Know Current Restrictions and Guidelines. If you tested positive for COVID-19 or have new or worsening symptoms, please stay home & follow public health guidelines. You may be required to isolate.

  • Support. If you are suffering from symptoms of COVID-19 and require support, please contact the office.

  • Consider Masking. St. Paul’s encourages masking for anyone who wishes to safeguard against infection, although masks are not mandatory. 

  • Physical Distancing. St. Paul’s still encourages physical distancing for anyone that wishes to safeguard against infection, although it is no longer required for those in attendance.

  • Vaccine/Booster. Government and health authorities strongly recommend that all eligible individuals get their vaccinations or boosters for COVID-19 to mitigate serious outcomes from the virus and to reduce the spread of infections. 

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