There are many opportunities to volunteer with St. Paul's Children's ministry for all ages!


KIDS ON TRACK: Kids on Track is a community organization that strives to give underprivileged children the opportunity to grow though educational and relationship-building activities with positive role models. The goal of Kids on Track is to empower children and provide them with the skills necessary to succeed in society.


SUMMER SUNDAY SCHOOL: Summer Sunday School at St. Paul's is led by a team of volunteers to give our regular teachers a well-deserved break. Volunteers are needed to lead the large-group session. Volunteers to lead children's worship and provide snack are also welcome!


SUNDAY SCHOOL: During the school year, a team of volunteers lead our sunday school classes. These include small group shepherds, large group presenters, helpers, and snack providers.


CROSSTALK DAY CAMP: During our weeklong summer camp there are many opportunities to get involved, from being a leader to providing snacks for the campers. 


To volunteer, contact St. Paul's office at 780-455-0771

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