Ways to Serve

As followers of Jesus we seek to put our faith into practice wherever we are whether at home, school university, work or shopping, in the church or in the community either where we live or the wider community.  Ministry can take place in any or all of these locations.  

If you are new to the church or wanting to be more involved in the church there are ways that you can serve both inside and outside the church community in the name of Jesus. Take time to look through the Ministries listed here, ask a member of staff or e-mail the office if you are interested in a particular ministry and they will connect you with the ministry leader who oversees that group:

Altar Guild - This ministry prepares the altar area for the Sunday morning services and other services that are requested (such as weddings or funerals). If you have an eye for beauty, and would love to help in preparation for the Eucharist, please phone the church office. Generally, the Altar Guild does these preparations on Saturday morning.

Chapel Prayer Teams - Teams of men and women who have received training in prayer ministry are available to pray for those with special prayer needs during the Holy Eucharist and following both Sunday morning services. Having the gift of intercession is very helpful in this ministry. If you fill that you have this gift, please contact the Rector.

Music Ministry - This ministry is made up of a number of worship teams who share their gifts with the congregation. Gifts are varied, as are the groups. The team leader of each team chooses the music for the service in consultation with the clergy, and the teams rehearse on a regular basis to lead the worship  services. They come under the overall supervision of the Rector. Gifts and skills needed are a love of worship, a talent in the aspect of music, as vocal, or instrumental, and the ability to work with a team. During special occasions of the church, congregation members are invited to join a choir organized and led by St. Paul's music coordinator, RJ Chambers. Rehearsals for the choir are announced ahead of time. Talk to the Rector or RJ Chambers if you want to join this ministry.


Projection Ministry - This ministry makes sure that the order of service and the songs that will be used have been entered into the computer and projected on-screen during the Sunday service. The team are trained in this skill and take turns in operating the projector. If you have the passion and skills in electronics and computers and would like to help in this area, please contact the office.



Sound Ministry - This ministry is in need of people who will be trained to operate the sound board and are on hand during the service to make sound adjustments. If you have the skills in this area, please phone the office.



Join a Sunday Service Team - Each team serves once a month and assigns member to do one of the following activities:


Greeters - A greeter is prepared to come early for the services in order to meet and greet those who have come for worship and to introduce themselves to any visitor or newcomers, making sure they are comfortable. If newcomers or visitors have children, the children are welcome to join the Sunday School classes. The greeter will introduce them to a Sunday School leader who will show them where they meet, etc. After the service, they will take the opportunity to connect newcomers or visitors with the ministry leaders if they are interested in meeting them. The gift of hospitality is a great asset in this ministry. 



Sides-people - These are men and women who serve as ushers during the Sunday services. They distribute the bulletin, collect the offering, direct the flow of people to receive communion, and tidy the pews following the service.



Reader - This is an opportunity to publicly read the Word of God in the worship services. The person assigned in this ministry should love Scripture, and be able to bring the Word alive by the way they present the reading.




Communion Helper - Men or women are assigned to serve the bread and the wine during communion on Sundays. 




Coffee Hour - Following the 10:30 am Sunday service, there is a coffee hour in the church hall. This is a wonderful time of fellowship and socializing for the people who have attended the service. Members of the team assigned to take charge of the coffee hour help set up and make coffee and helps to make the hour a good time to catch up and connect with each other.


Before you volunteer for a ministry, ask yourself: what do you enjoy doing, how has God gifted you to serve, do you have gifts of hospitality or greeting and interacting with people you don’t know yet?  There are many ways to use your God given gifts. Perhaps, best of all ask, the Lord how you might serve. 

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