Prayer Chain

This is an e-mail link for emergency prayer needs which we all experience from time to time. It is a powerful ministry and great witness to others when we are able to give God the glory for answers to prayer (many quite miraculous). If you would like to be included in this ministry, please phone the Office.

For urgent prayer requests, please click on the link.



Chapel Prayer

During our Sunday morning services, as part of ministry within the congregation, teams of men and women who have received  prayer ministry training are available to pray during communion and at the end of the service for anyone who has a need of prayer.










Wholeness Prayer Ministry

St. Paul’s Wholeness Prayer Ministry is a Scripture-based, Spirit-led ministry to the whole person using the principles of “Wholeness Through Christ (WTC)”.

As Jesus came to bring forgiveness, healing, freedom, and release to those who are wounded and weary, Wholeness Prayer Ministry seeks to gently minister to believers who earnestly desire to be free from all that would hinder their spiritual life and ministry.

It is a ministry in which the individual, along with the team, come into God’s presence and through the avenue of prayer, invite the Holy Spirit, the Divine Counsellor, to reveal and restore that which has been lost through sin and wounding.

We do this by praying into four areas of brokenness – sins, wounds, bondages, and enemy strongholds.

   Sins: Our active sins, the sins of others toward us, and our sinful reactions, sometimes so deep-seated that only the loving help of the Holy Spirit can reveal them.

   Wounds: Emotional, spiritual and physical damage, and the resulting pain in our lives that need the Lord’s healing touch.

   Bondages:  Distorted relationships, beliefs and attitudes where we need the Lord’s release and freedom.

   Enemy Strongholds:  Places in our lives where we have allowed the enemy to enter. Such enemy influence needs to be broken by God’s authority.

The lay and ordained people who minister in the Wholeness Prayer Ministry at St. Paul’s have themselves experienced a measure of wholeness through the ministry and training they have received, which has enabled spiritual growth and development in their own lives. These team members volunteer their time and gifting to this ministry and are not professional counselors.

If you would like more information or would like to inquire about receiving this ministry, please contact Rev. Michael Williamson.

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